SKU: V27-LTE_001

Simply be safe.

  • Comfortable handy size
  • No camera - making and receiving calls is all that matters
  • Calls made simple, 2-inch screen and textured keys
  • IP54 protection against dust and spray, and emergency button for added safety
  • Provides an excellent listening experience, VoLTE and M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility
  • Shortcut buttons for the alarm, torch and menu

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Price: €89.99

Senior features
Extra battery cover without an emergency button
HAC: M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility
Extra-large illuminated and raised keys ­ with a defined pressing point
emporia emergency call function

Technical details


Screen size
2.0 QCIF (176*220) " (5.08 cm)


Battery capacity
1,200 mAh
Standby time up to
200 h
Talk time of up to
480 min

Network specifications

900/1800 MHz
900/2100 MHz
FDD B1/B3/B7/B8/B20
SIM card type
Single Nano SIM


Headphone port
3.5 mm
Head SAR value
0.88 W/kg (10g) (W/kg (10g)
Body SAR value
1.69 W/kg (10g) (W/kg (10 g)


64 MB
128 MB

Dimensions and weight

90 g
12.6 mm
125.3 mm
57.6 mm


Device warranty
1 year
Battery warranty
6 months

The successor to the popular mobile feature phone with the very appropriate name "Simplicity" is finally here. And it has 4G mobile communication technology, which means you'll be even more contactable and will benefit from significantly better phone call quality.

This feature phone is ideal for anyone who simply wants to make and receive calls safely and always be easy to contact. Thanks to its modern 4G mobile network technology, you are guaranteed phone calls of the highest quality and will find there are very few occasions when you can't be reached.

The phone simply focuses on what telephones were originally invented for: to make and receive phone calls. And it does this very well, thanks to three speed-dial keys, its ease of use, all its keys being extra-large (and illuminated and raised with a distinct pressing point), a feature that enables the text size to be changed to suit your individual needs, and a wide screen with easy-to-read text.

At the same time, the emporiaSIMPLICITY impresses with its high-quality finish and chic appearance, which we have our designers in Germany and Austria to thank for.

In addition, the patented emporia emergency button on the back of the phone is a reliable source of assistance when you need help quickly. All you have to do to activate the rescue chain is press the button with the heart.

The device is IP54-certified (dust- and splash-proof) and particularly suitable for hearing aid users (M4/T4).

Other functions include an LED torch, a calendar, a calculator, an alarm clock with a vibration function and a radio.

Among other things, the phone comes with a headset, a charging cradle, a headset, a printed user guide, a replaceable Li-ion battery and an additional battery cover that hides the emergency button.

Box contents

  • 4G mobile phone
  • 1 Li-ion battery
  • Charging cradle
  • Extra battery cover without an emergency button
  • User guide
  • USB-C cable